Neurologia medico-chirurgica

Neurologia medico-chirurgica is the official journal of Japan Neurosurgical Society.

This Journal is covered by ISI products such as SciSearch (Science Citation Index), Research Alert, and Neuroscience Citation Index, Index Medicus, including the MEDLINE Database, and EMBASE/Excerpta Medica; and in Japan by ISDS, JICST, and Igaku Chuo Zasshi. The abbreviated name registered in Index Medicus is Neurol Med Chir (Tokyo)

オンライン・ジャーナル/Online Journal

Neurologia medico-chirugica        NMC Case Report Journal
PRINT ISSN: 0470-8105    NMC Case Report Journal
ONLINE ISSN: 1349-8029    ISSN:2188-4226


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